Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood has become one of the largest and most famous designer labels in the world, providing both understated and bold fashion for men and women. Ever since the first catwalk in 1981, men and women all over the world look to Vivienne Westwood to provide them with new and inventive styles worthy of the urban catwalk. This brand is renowned for being a front runner in style which defies the mainstream and embodies originality. The selection of clothing available here at OD’s Designer Clothing is no different, providing any fashion conscious shopper with a very real sense of individuality. For women, Vivienne Westwood creates a wide range of clothing, footwear, accessories and jewellery for everyday wear and for special occasions. These garments span from the affordable, modest clothing for the day to day, to the more exclusive items to really make the wearer look and feel special, such as the affordable London Studs and the elegant Women’s Pendants. Using different materials and original designs, Vivienne Westwood has been able to create numerous styles of clothing for every type of woman, from the discreet, to the glamorous and extravagant, enough to make any woman feel special. Vivienne Westwood also designs a wide range of menswear; such items include smart and casual shirts, polo shirts and cardigans, through to modern and stylish jumpers, coats and T shirts. The range of clothing for men is just as diverse as the women’s, with many different styles, designs, finishes and materials to choose from. The entire men’s clothing range sold at OD’s Designer Clothing has been designed to allow men of any personality to find their own style without having to conform to anyone else’s. With its diverse range of clothing and accessories, it’s no surprise that Vivienne Westwood is still at the top of the list for many men and women looking to create a new and innovative look, and with the varied styles, designs and prices to fit any budget, there is no excuse for not purchasing an authentic Vivienne Westwood now.

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